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When you are scheduled to visit us at Northeast Ohio Nephrology Associates for customized kidney treatment and to take advantage of available cutting-edge therapies, you might wonder what to expect. First of all, our team wants to express how excited we are to meet you, and to assure you that you will receive the utmost care from our experienced team. 

Now let’s answer some common questions that might arise:


We are open Monday - Friday,  8:30 AM - 4:30 PM. If you have a question and our clinic is closed, you can fill out a contact form on our website and our team will reach out to you during normal business hours.

What is the clinic like?

When you visit our team of nephrologists in Akron, Ohio, you will encounter an easy-to-access, free-standing building with plenty of free parking. Upon entering our facility you will encounter our friendly staff members who are always ready to help. Our office is held within a traditional medical building so that we have all the infrastructure we need, but we try to keep the atmosphere friendly and light. You are likely already undergoing a certain amount of stress as you tackle the health problem that brings you to us; we want to do all we can to make you feel comfortable.

Are you accepting new patients?

We do accept new patients, however there are some stipulations that we set. For a new patient to be seen by our physicians, they must have a referral from a healthcare provider. We do not accept self-referrals, but are happy to work with new patients who have been referred to us by another healthcare professional. They must also send all proper documentation for our providers to review.

What do I need to bring for my visit ? 

Well in advance of your first appointment with Northeast Ohio Nephrology, we will mail you a new patient packet of relevant paperwork. This packet must be filled out and brought with you to your first visit. We would also request that new and existing patients bring an up-to-date list of medications to every visit. Alternatively, if it is easier or more practical, you can also bring your current medication bottles with you. Finally, every patient needs to bring their insurance card to every visit, and be prepared to pay whatever their copay may be as well as any balance. You can contact your insurance company for more information regarding your copay.

What if I need to cancel my appointment?

Because our nephrologists want to ensure that they can help the most people possible to achieve better kidney health, we take appointment cancellation seriously. We kindly request that patients give us a full 24-hour notice if a cancellation is necessary for circumstances beyond their control. Notification of cancellation that is received less than 24 hours prior to the scheduled appointment time will result in patients being charged a fee. If a patient neglects to show up for their appointment, they will also be charged. Thank you for your understanding.

Will you take my insurance?

At Northeast Ohio Nephrology Associates we accept public and private insurance plans. If you want to be sure that we accept your insurance, you can call your insurance provider to verify that we are in-network.


Northeast Ohio Nephrology Is Here For You

If you are on the path to reclaiming your kidney health, our team of talented nephrologists is ready to help you succeed. Learn more about the services we offer and feel free to peruse our educational articles and helpful links. When you’re ready to reach out, we’ll be here.

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