Tips For Choosing Your Kidney Healthcare Team

June 14, 2024

Illness of any kind can be confusing and overwhelming. Having a team of experts around you can help you get through it with confidence, knowing that every aspect of your treatment is being carefully considered. But how do you go about creating a kidney healthcare dream team, and how can you choose those just-right providers for your needs? We’ll share our best tips in an effort to help you get well on your way to kidney health.


What Is A Kidney Healthcare Team?

Basically, this term can refer to any number of healthcare providers, social workers, or others who help and support you during your kidney health journey. From a primary care physician to nurses who administer treatment; pharmacists who authorize and provide necessary medications; dieticians who work with you to develop a customized eating plan; and social workers who help to support you during treatment and help you to navigate the healthcare system, they each play an important role. And, of course, you and your family are an essential part of any kidney healthcare team. Together, you and these various individuals can work to find the best treatment and lifestyle options for your kidney health.

Other specialists can also commonly be part of your team of healthcare providers and advocates. Beyond nephrology doctors, other medical professionals like podiatrists, dentists, ophthalmologists, and cardiologists are also vital to have on your kidney healthcare team. These other areas of medical expertise will be vital to have on board, since the state of your kidney can have a serious effect on total body health. Regular checkups with these healthcare providers can do a world of good for your kidney health.


Choosing A Kidney Healthcare Team

When deciding on a team of professionals to help support you on your kidney health journey, you will likely first be concerned with choosing a nephrology doctor and other kidney specialists. Regardless of which healthcare provider you opt for, here are a few criteria to keep in mind when selecting these individuals:

  • Credentials: Have the kidney specialists received degrees from trusted institutions and are they board-certified?

  • Experience: Have they treated patients with your specific kidney condition?

  • Innovation: Do the kidney specialists stay up-to-date with the latest advancements in kidney health treatment?

  • Communication: Are they willing to discuss and answer any questions about your diagnosis and treatment options?

  • Compatibility: Are the kidney specialists’ treatment approaches and philosophy aligned with yours?

  • Insurance: Does the practice accept your health insurance or make payment plans available?

  • Accessibility: Is the nephrology doctor's office within a reasonable distance, and do they offer convenient appointment times?

  • Staff: Are facility staff experienced, trained, and trustworthy medical professionals?


Besides the obvious needs to choose to work with kidney specialists who have experience treating your specific condition, it is also helpful to find a professional kidney healthcare team that can help you to manage additional, underlying health conditions that may have an impact on your kidney health.


What Is A Nephrology Doctor?

Nephrology doctors–or nephrologists–are medically-trained, board-certified kidney specialists who understand how these vital organs work. They specialize in kidney care and are well versed in kidney ailments and proven treatments. A nephrology doctor can help you to manage your condition and gain better kidney function over time. They can also assist before, during, and after treatment to ensure that things go smoothly and that the desired result is reached. Nephrology doctors can also help patients to preserve kidney function, manage symptoms and other related health problems, and improve their quality of life.


NEONA is Your Trusted Provider For Kidney Health

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